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Research topics

The main topics of our research projects, industry cooperations and lectures are reliability analysis and risk research of technically complex products and production processes.

We are focusing on data analysis during product development / testing as well as product manufacturing and usage.


Research activities:

  • Reliability analysis and risk research for damage prevention of technically complex productions and production processes.
  • Development of statistical methods to modelize the failure behaviour of technically complex products based on development and testing data
  • Analysis of production process data with regard to production process control and quality capability
  • Measurement and testing process data analysis in development, production and usage
  • Analysis of testing process suitability, machine capability and process capability
  • Development of reliability models for prognosis of damage cases and damage quota with regard to product usage phase
  • Predictions and potentials for resource saving and climate compability for sustainable product development and production process optimization
  • Analyses related to knowledge management for reliable, resource saving and climate-compatible product development and production planning