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Reliability analytics and risk research

The development and production of reliable components, assemblies and systems in the capital and consumer goods industry on a high quality level is performed under challenges and boundary conditions, which undergo a continual increase of its complexity caused by increasing requirements of customers, markets and competetive situations.  

  • Increase of product complexity and number of derivates
  • Increase of functionality
  • Interactions between mechanical and electric components
  • Differences between product-life-cycle of mechanic- and electronic modules
  • Sustainable use of resources
  • Shorter development periods
  • Complexity of value-added networks (Self-production vs. Subcontracting)
  • Legislation regarding product liability and product safety


The chair of Reliability Engineering and Risk Analytics

The chair covers the field of reliability engineering and risk analytics at the University of Wuppertal.

The focuses of research projects, industrial cooperations and lectures are reliability analytics and risk research of complex technical products and production processes.

The primary focus is on data analysis in the phases of product development and testing, product manufacturing and usage.

Research and cooperation partners are companies and institutes from the fields of automotive enginnering, process engineering, energy supply and precision manufacturing.